Another Opening . . .(Updated)

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th

I have no idea what I’m doing.

This web site and a Face Book group page are part of a social marketing campaign to promote an original play, “Inside Job.” I’ve never done a social marketing campaign. Do I tweet or Instagram? Don’t have enough photos for Instagram. Do I tweet a couple of times a day, or every thirty seconds like so many people do. There must be hundreds of social media platforms I’ve never heard of.

Oh well.

I’m trying to bring to life a two-act play telling the story of Abby and Will Mason, whose 21 year old son Wyatt has just died of a heroin overdose.

Abby and Will, contend with the agonizing destruction of their marriage. Abby grieves and seeks comfort imploring her husband Will to join her. Will, secretly plots revenge against the dealer who sold his son the drugs. Their separate paths collide in a final reckoning on New Year’s Eve. “Inside Job” explores Heroin addiction, grief and revenge.

I’ve been working on this play over the past four years. That’s when my son Jesse died of a heroin overdose. (For more read the first blog on this site.)

I hope someday that the play will be fully produced and published. But it’s not as if you can go to the drive through “Produce your play here,” and order a #2.

Last curtain call

Death of a Salesman at the Thalian

There are hundreds of contests one can enter that can lead to either a full production or a staged reading.

I’ve already tried some of the usual routes to get my play read; play festivals and competitions, from Yale to Ashland and the Road. No dice.

I’ve just entered a new one called: New Works of Merit, “to bring works of social significance to the attention of Producers and Artistic Directors.” Winning plays are given a reading and a Q&A.

Currently two Washington, DC theater organizations are considering “Inside Job.” And I’ve submitted my play to the Eddy a new exchange whereby agents, producers and theaters may take a look at your play. (I urge my play writing friends to check it out).

Few theatres accept unsolicited work; you need a literary agent and even if you have already had your your plays produced it’s still a struggle to get new work accepted.

The playwright Allan Katz had some fun with the frustration of rejection in an essay called, “Just dying to Get That Play Produced” (All writers should read this unless they’ve never been rejected).

Sometimes I wonder why my entire life has been devoted to risky enterprises with a high level of rejection: TV news, advocacy communications, acting, and now writing plays.

I’m here so why ponder.

So if I can’t convince a theater to take it on, I’m going to find a way to produce a staged reading in my former home town of Washington, DC, and here in my new hometown of Wilmington, NC.

Will it work? Will “Inside Job” catch on and get produced and published. Will it live beyond these first tentative steps? Join me and we’ll find out together.