Heroin Kills

Posted on Friday, June 3rd

“Inside Job” is a two act play about heroin addiction, grief and revenge. My son Jesse died of a heroin overdose four years ago. I wrote this play to honor him and the thousands of people and families who have lost loved ones to heroin. The Washington Post reports that 100 people die from a heroin overdose every day.

The play is the fictional story of Abby and Will Mason, whose son Wyatt dies from a lethal dose of heroin.

Abby grieves and seeks comfort as Will secretly plots revenge against the dealer who sold his son the fatal drugs. Their separate paths collide in a final reckoning on New Year’s Eve.

I hope to have staged readings in Washington, DC and in Wilmington, NC. Two DC theatre organizations are considering the play for a reading. I’m also going to submit to the Eddy a brand new play exchange that sends original works to agents and theaters searching for new material. Maybe someday, if we’re lucky, we’ll have a full scale stage production.


Jesse had a huge heart and as a friend of his told us, “not an ounce of bullshit.” He was a talented musician, a drummer and skillful guitar player. (Examples of his guitar music are posted on this site)

We miss him every day and we will always mourn him. You never get over the loss of a child. There is no such thing as closure, a major theme in the play.

Abby tries and fails to reach her husband Will, imploring him to overcome his denial and grieve.

At the end of the play Will finally realizes that she was right:

“There is no organized and orderly path through grief. You don’t move through one stage, neatly and methodically on to the next. It’s not tidy, it’s bewildering and overwhelming. You may experience more than one emotional level at the same time. ”

The play’s end is Will’s beginning, to accept his loss and grieve. And his final words towards his own healing can bring comfort to us all:

“I just want peace. And a soft place to fall.”