Posted on Wednesday, July 20th

This will be a recurring blog featuring other voices who want to share their story about addiction and recovery.

But first a point of clarification. I want to make sure that everyone who reads this play understands what is meant by “Inside Job.” The play tells us that drug users and those who are addicted ultimately have to take ownership of their recovery. They have to be accountable. But that doesn’t mean parents, friends and love ones stand idly by or  push them away. Addiction is a mental and physical disease. We have to work to teach recovery.

Mai Szalavitz, a former heroin addict, recently wrote in the New York Times that we need to recognize, “addiction as a learning disorder . . . not a moral failure.”

The following is a helpful source that was recently offered:

“I attend a weekly support group meeting for parents of children who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs or have serious mental health issues resulting in destructive behaviors.

One woman has two young sons on heroin, another couple has watched their talented, athletic daughter self destruct from a heroin addiction which started as an opioid addiction from narcotics prescribed for a sports injury.

The heroin epidemic has ravaged families across America from all racial and economic backgrounds. I hope more families struggling w/the devastation of this drug find a local “Families Anonymous” support group to help them survive.”