Jonathan’s story

Posted on Monday, August 15th

My son, Jonathan, at the age of 26 passed away 9/2/15 after being clean for three years. Just like all the others, he was a kind, gentle soul with many friends.

His addiction landed him in prison for three years which I thought was a blessing.

He got clean there and when he came home was the mature, respectful man that I was so proud to say was my son.

But less than 10 weeks from his release I found him in his bedroom. That devil must have been pounding on his door and caught him in a weak moment.

I am fortunate to have spent the most precious 10 weeks of my life with him. I thank God for letting me get to know what a great guy he was. We enjoyed the simple things during that time thinking I had the rest of my life to hang out with him. Every moment is precious so my advice is savor what you enjoy most now.