This web site is devoted to promoting the play “Inside Job. As of the fall of 2017 we’ve held two staged readings in Washington, DC and two in Wilmington, NC.

We have also been invited to co-produce Inside job with Big Dawg Productions at the Cape Fear playhouse in January 2018.

Inside Job tells the story of Will & Abby Mason, a couple whose lives are shattered when their son, Wyatt, dies of a heroin overdose. It’s a story of love, loss, and charting a new path after tragedy; familiar to thousands of Americans who have lost loved ones to the heroin epidemic, including my own; my son Jesse died of a heroin overdose five years ago.

Heroin kills is my family’s story, and that of hundreds of thousands families in America. In the year 2014, 586,000 people over the age of twelve had a substance abuse problem with heroin.

“Inside Job” doesn’t provide any answers. Theatre’s power is to raises questions that audiences must resolve on their own.

I hope Inside Job inspires people to help fight the heroin and opioid crisis raging across our nation. I also hope it shows people that it can happen to them.

My son Jesse died of a heroin overdose in 2012. He died before heroin was front page news, before the nation realized it was an epidemic. We should have known. When you can by a one hit of heroin for $10 and pot costs hundreds of dollars, the economics are obvious.

But I didn’t know. Not until it was too late and he was using. I also didn’t know how addictive today’s heroin is. Not knowing is deadly. Heroin kills


Jesse had a huge heart and as a friend of his told us, “not an ounce of bullshit.” He was a talented musician, a skilled hand drummer on the Djembe, and outstanding on guitar. (Examples of his guitar music are posted on this site)

We miss him every day and we will always mourn him. You never get over the loss of a child. I wrote this play to honor Jesse and all the families and individuals who have suffered the loss of a loved one to heroin.


The author of the play is Kenneth Vest, a writer and actor. He is retired from a career in television news and public advocacy communications. Ken lives in Wilmington, NC with his wife Sue and son Jeremy. He writes screenplays and stage plays, including, “Inside Job.” He has studied acting at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC and most recently appeared as Uncle Ben in the Thalian Association production of “Death of a Salesman.” and Dr. Stone in “A Few Good Men,” at the Red Barn theater.