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Hiding Behind Jesus (Take 2)

Posted on Tuesday, August 9th

It’s been reported that  Governor Mike Pence did a lot of praying trying to figure out how God felt about keeping vital harm reduction centers open in Indiana. Such centers supply clean needles to contain HIV and guide drug addicts into meaningful recovery programs. Health officials were begging for help to contain a surge of…

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Inside Job: A conversation

Posted on Friday, September 1st

August 16, 2017 Prevention advocates; Law enforcement; First responders; Treatment and prevention advocates; Prosecutors; Therapists; Clinicians; Families and those in recovery. Lack of communication between Abby and Will was realistic; typical of the strain caused by the death of a child. Wyatt’s parents Will and Abby didn’t have the sole responsibility to “fix him,” he…

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No Laughing Matter

Posted on Monday, June 26th

“Now in Russia, they got it mapped out so that everyone pulls for everyone else– that’s the theory, anyway. But what I know about is America …And down here… you’re on your own.” -From the movie Blood Simple (slightly amended) Treatment for people who are addicted to heroin is a major theme of my play…

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Inside Job News

Posted on Thursday, March 30th

Two New studies Heroin use dramatic rise –  Heroin use among women skyrockets              

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DC Bound

Posted on Thursday, February 23rd

Greetings: Wanted to give you an update on the staged readings set for Washington, DC next week. I observed the auditions, director Melisa Robinson has put together a strong cast, and I’m eager to see their work. There has also been a new development in the outreach goal of our campaign. The second reading will…

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Treat: Don’t blame-Don’t shame

Posted on Friday, January 27th

“. . .empowering, empathetic treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy, which nurture an internal willingness to change, work far better than the more traditional rehab approach of confronting denial and telling patients that they are powerless over their addiction.”   Maia Szalavitz We’re about one month away from the first staged reading of,…

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“Inside Job” on WHQR-FM

Posted on Monday, January 9th

“Inside Job” was recently the topic on WHQR-FM, Wilmington’s NPR station. Gina Gambony and I discussed the play for her Midday interview series. Here is a link for both a long and short version.

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Safe Harbor

Posted on Friday, December 2nd

We lost our youngest son Jesse to a heroin overdose. So my first reaction to the idea of injection centers to help addicts get clean was, “no way!” I was wrong. So are public health and political leaders who oppose the idea, arguing that it merely perpetuates addiction.  Recent polling found the public feels the…

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Trump on Drugs

Posted on Friday, November 18th

As the Trump administration gears up to drag us back to the 1950s you can kiss any sane and compassionate drug addiction policy goodbye. Two reasons: When Indiana was confronted with an HIV epidemic “local, state and federal health officials were urging the governor to allow clean needles to be distributed to slow the outbreak.”…

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Jonathan’s story

Posted on Monday, August 15th

My son, Jonathan, at the age of 26 passed away 9/2/15 after being clean for three years. Just like all the others, he was a kind, gentle soul with many friends. His addiction landed him in prison for three years which I thought was a blessing. He got clean there and when he came home…

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