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Addiction: A Learning Disorder

Posted on Friday, August 5th

In case you missed it the first time here it is again; the pathway to understand and treat addiction: “Can You Get Over an Addiction?” By Maia Szalavitz; Begin by accepting that addiction is not a moral failure or criminal intent: “Addiction is a learning disorder; a difference in the wiring of the brain that…

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Posted on Wednesday, July 20th

This will be a recurring blog featuring other voices who want to share their story about addiction and recovery. But first a point of clarification. I want to make sure that everyone who reads this play understands what is meant by “Inside Job.” The play tells us that drug users and those who are addicted…

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Killer High

Posted on Thursday, July 7th

Fentanyl is the secret ingredient that makes heroin such a powerful drug. Too powerful.  Cut with Fentanyl, a heroin one hit is  50 to 100 times stronger and much more deadly. After my son Jesse died I couldn’t get any details about what killed him from the Medical Examiner . We got a short form…

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Another Opening . . .(Updated)

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th

I have no idea what I’m doing. This web site and a Face Book group page are part of a social marketing campaign to promote an original play, “Inside Job.” I’ve never done a social marketing campaign. Do I tweet or Instagram? Don’t have enough photos for Instagram. Do I tweet a couple of times…

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Teach Recovery

Posted on Sunday, June 26th

It’s amazing how the reaction of some to the current heroin epidemic is reminiscent of the 1950s. During those black and white days most people believed addicts were to blame for their affliction. They deserved jail time, a mental institution or forced detox. Deal with it; get clean or get screwed. It’s the same as…

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Heroin Kills

Posted on Friday, June 3rd

“Inside Job” is a two act play about heroin addiction, grief and revenge. My son Jesse died of a heroin overdose four years ago. I wrote this play to honor him and the thousands of people and families who have lost loved ones to heroin. The Washington Post reports that 100 people die from a…

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