Heroin Kills

New hope for Heroin users. The FDA has just approved a new drug to help them overcome their disease. Probuphine is implanted in the upper arm. Four tiny rods release a “steady state” of buprenorphine over six months.


Dr. Richard Rosenthal of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai said, “You’re not giving another medication for the addiction, you’re giving the medication to stabilize the person so they can work their recovery.”

The Washington Post reports that 100 people die from a heroin overdose every day.

In the year 2014, 586,000 people over the age of twelve had a substance abuse problem with heroin.

Our nation is experiencing an epidemic of drug overdose (poisoning) deaths. Since 2000, the rate of deaths from drug overdoses has increased 137%, including a 200% increase in the rate of overdose deaths involving opioids (opioid pain relievers and heroin).

The foundation for a drug free posted this warning on its web site.

“Even a single dose of heroin can start a person on the road to addiction. Many people experiment with heroin thinking, ‘I’ll try it once or twice. I can always stop.’ But those who start down that road find it nearly impossible to turn back. Consider the words of Sam, a 15-year-old addict: “When you first shoot up, you will most likely puke and feel repelled, but soon you’ll try it again. It will cling to you like an obsessed lover. The rush of the hit and the way you’ll want more, as if you were being deprived of air—that’s how it will trap you.”

One of Sam’s relatives put it this way ‘it takes your soul. That’s what it does.’”